Written Business Communication Skills

Written Business Communication skills

Writing what can be said to be done on 2 occasions. When you want to think better and convey or when you want to document what is being said. Business Communications refers to the terminologies and various formats of writing content to different forums and people. Emails, memos, letters, etc. are various formats of putting content and presenting it to different audiences. Email writing today has taken over the traditional letters that we wrote to each other many years back in business. Today technology has taken over and most conversations or discussions are closed with a one line email, if not a properly drafted one.

When writing in business, if the same tone is used when writing in private, the context and seriousness of the matter changes. Writing uses the same standards as speaking only in a different intensity. Writing has more legal weightage than speaking. It is not simply said that the pen is sharper than a sword. Corporates, emphasis on the skill of email writing to maintain decorum in language and convey the message faster to clients and investors all around the world. Language becomes more important when writing.

SaSha Training Solutions fine tunes the skills of writing that one already possesses. Sharpening grammar and formations of sentences in order to make it crisp and concise is something we focus on. Making sure individuals learn the parameters of a good email, so that its effectiveness can be closely worked upon. Understanding the new age English and the changes in the language undergone over these years, thus making emails and memos more upgraded and fresh. Keeping the content within the interest parameter of a reader. Understanding the various types of audience and receptiveness of each. We groom individuals to think better and collate it all on paper in a more effective and efficient manner.

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