Stress Management


Stress is the reaction of the body and mind to an external problem. The ability to deal with changing circumstances which bring about a health deficit is construed as Stress. The human body has its own biological mechanism to deal with Stress, however, we have today exceeded the levels to which this can be managed without sorting external help. With pollutants, climatic conditions, food adulterations, negative use of technology and various such changes happening faster than before, the capacity of the human body to fight Stress has diminished considerably. On another level, emotions, feelings and the maturity or lack of it to handle relationships also become the core cause of Stress. Most of us feel “stressed out” at least once a month. Also, the majority of visits to the doctor and sick leaves were taken at work is primarily for stress-related problems which you misconstrue for medical reasons. Stress also can grow slowly and go unnoticed, unrealized or ignored for years. Lack of time, information and motivation can cause it to build up until you break under the pressure.

The impact of Stress on the human body is far learnt today. From a simple headache to the loss of immunity to chronic health hazards are the results of leading a stressful life. Mental illness and physical unfit bodies are all caused by Stress. You may not be aware, but a mind game would basically lead to physical incompetencies. Every illness today is a product of Stress. Most issues with relationships and family are the causes and results of Stress. If you are living within a high level of stress, you are putting your entire wellbeing at risk. Stress wreaks havoc on your emotions as well as your ability to think clearly and function effectively. How then do we deal with this danger that is causing people their sanity or more so, their lives?

One of the most important skills we can learn is the right way to manage Stress. Once the skills are in place, thoughts become clearer, moods become more stable, relationships improve and the risk of stress-related illness diminishes. Remember, relaxation and peace of mind are not reserved only for those with lots of money and masses of free time. They can be yours too, with a little knowledge and understanding. Stress management encompasses the techniques intended to equip a person with an effective coping mechanism for dealing with psychological Stress. At the workshops and counselling sessions of SaSha Training Solutions, you will learn that Stress Management starts with identifying the sources of stress in yourself and your surroundings. Effective Stress Management, helps you to break the hold that it has on your life, so you be happier, healthier and more productive. At our workshops, the goal is to help you balance life with time, impactful work, relationships, relaxation and fun. However, Stress Management is not of one size that fits all, which is why, it becomes important to experience and find out what works best for you. At SaSha Training Solutions we help you fight Stress by getting you more aligned to your goals and more yourself. Enough of good and productive work, a few good relationships and you will be able to keep Stress at bay.

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