Relationship Building

Relationship Management

The most interesting subject yet the most twisted and tricky. We are most inclined to building relationships right from the time we are born, yet this aspect becomes the most difficult to manage as we go along. Relationships today are the biggest stress causing pointers in people’s lives. Well said by an author, ‘The happy and sad days in your life is only proportionate to that one relationship in your life that is either going right or wrong.’ Relationships need a heart to connect, Mind to maintain or grow it. Over a period of time, some fade off as they were...

Needless to talk about the devastation that goes through a person’s mind when in a bad relationship. There is tremendous stress laid by parenting forums and workshops to teach parents how to maintain the parent and kid relationship, so that children could be better understood and vice versa as children grow up. Team building activities in corporates are towards improving the internal relationships of employees and subordinates or with each other. Counselling and therapy session for couples and there are more than enough classes on how to maintain business relationships. We look to putting a structure on how relationships are managed so that each interaction is not emotionally draining but one grows through the growth in a relationship.

We believe that every individual should have experienced each and every relationship in his/her life, so every kind of learning comes through a bond or a break up, can be explored. From smiles that a new person brings in to the sadness that remains when there is an exit, everything has a whole lot of lessons to learn and make one stronger. However, we teach how to handle each relationship to the best ability that may be needed. With a little time and structure in place, every bond can be well compartmentalised and managed flawlessly and even if there would come a hurdle, it would be crossed in smoothly with maturity and understanding. Building trust through conversation and transparency is what we believe in.

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