Public Speaking Skills

Public Speaking

The fear of talking in front of people comes from an insecurity. You worry about what people may say! Now, that is a very valid fear, you need to worry about what they say and their likes and dislikes towards you or your speech would be wasted. This insecurity again may have developed from an earlier bad experience that plays on your mind every time you face an audience. It is ironic that the human mind wants to do exactly the same things that it is apprehensive of. Your mind tells you that you must be confident, and the same mind will give a thousand reasons to become nervous. 

The inability to speak to an audience may curb your opportunity to grow on a professional front. Your opinion sits inside of you wanting to make a point, however your inhibition gets in the way and makes you uncomfortable and the point that could have been a valid one remains unsaid. However, with confidence on the podium, you are able to make an impact, connect and thereby gain a sense of achievement that could be a boon to your Self-Esteem. Not being able to speak in front of an audience, keeps you sitting safely in the back rows and does not bring out the best in you.

At SaSha Training Solutions, we share with you simple techniques that may help get your mind and thoughts in order resulting in a logical perspective of what could be the worst case scenario. We help you with the base work of your speech and what it should contain and help you understand few postures that will take your attention and confidence to a level of comfort to speak fluently. Language barriers are simplified and you are groomed to speak flawlessly in the most comfortable speech. We convert the fear of Public Speaking into a challenge and teach you to address it with an openness, thus seeking becomes more fun rather stressful.

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