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Nothing is working out

You will feel an energy and enthusiasm when all works as per your plan. However, when every effort just meets a dead end, your faith begins to shake. Your mind automatically begins to question your efforts, your skills, your people, etc. Some people get so frustrated that they curse God, life, karma, etc.

What are you thinking when nothing seems to be working out, will define your Destiny. If you think you won’t make it, then you won’t. If you think, you will sail through, then you will. This is because, as you think, you will do. Your actions and the energy in those actions will make them productive or a waste of time. It is then important to manage the voice within. Distract it, beat it down, calm it…do whatever, but let it re-enforce that ‘Nothing will stop you to be where you want to be.’

Change your physical state – Just as your mind begins to talk negatively to you, simply stand up, take a walk, drink a glass of cold water or take a coffee break.
Show your mind, that you are not interested in the negative chit chat.

Step out of your Circle – We all live in a circle, where we do things every day. Things that becomes our routine. Our Comfort Zone. When you feel the climate in that circle is just not as you want it to be. Take a vacation, meet a friend, read a book, watch a movie, attend my workshops. This strategy, not only keeps the negative chit chat with yourself away, but also calms the mind down and helps you reason out.

Consult an Expert – Every field has an Expert you haven’t met yet. Instead of consulting friends and family, who more often than not will contribute to the negativity within you, than give you some enlightened idea, do some research and speak to people, who have been there and done that. You never know, what strategy they may share with you that will help you see a new avenue and move forward.

Have Faith – No, this is not a cliché, but I mean it. Have Faith! You are still not a part of an earthquake, world war, epidemic or something worst and life threatening. And if you are, but you still can read this e-mail, it means, you are still alive and that is good, isn’t it? Life could be worst, than you think. As long as you are in control, you can change things to the better.

Keep moving forward. Even when your plans fail, before your mind tricks you to believe, nothing works, be ready with the next plan. You should be so busy, just moving from one task to another, reviewing flaws, rectifying them, speaking to experts, researching, etc. that you are left with no time to really be disappointed or low.

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