Networking Skills

Networking skills

Talking is a skill we are gifted with from birth, however as we grow up we use it for various purposes. To get work done, to build a connect, to earn a salary, to convey emotions, etc. As kids, we talked or way through with grownups. As we grew up, we started using our talking skills for business and credibility. This change wherein we just don’t talk, but we talk to make sense and are able to connect with people for personal and professional creditability is known as Networking Skills.

If you think you could go through life, without the help of another human being, you have probably not taken a deep look around you. You are surrounded by people and if you don’t know who to interact with, you will end up living an isolated, incomplete life. Talking, however, is a responsibility. If the tongue is left loose, it can cause you heavy damages in every aspect of life. Hence, talking is a responsibility. Not just that, but it can be a boon if the skill is used well. You would observe most liked political leaders today are fantastic orators. What they speak makes a difference to the masses. On the micro level, what we talk can build for us a network of people who can become our assets emotionally and professionally. Connecting with people on a level where they remember you for what you spoke and want to be in touch and connected with you as they see you as someone who is a great resource is the kind of talking that must be encouraged.

SaSha Training Solutions takes this skill to the next level. What we talk as an organisation creates a ripple effect around the world; hence we talk and promote this skill with great responsibility. We have encouraged people to evaluate 2 kinds of talking that happen on a daily basis. The self-talk and the talk outside the mind. Self-talk determines what comes out of the mind and how we train people to train the mind, so that the self-talk has direction and with that, talking becomes a lot more productive and enables you to connect to people and keep them connected to you thus building a credible network of relatives, professionals, acquaintance, clients, vendors, etc.

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