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Kids Corner

We have put our skills together and our team has designed some fun-filled workshops for kids. Kids not just have fun at this time, but take back some lessons too. We have realized even though we may be the best parents around and use all the psychology on our kids, some lessons are only learned when they interact and observe other kids and are put out of their comfort zone. Parents want their kids these days to be high performers and not lag behind. We discourage competition but believe in creating accuracy in a fun way. The maturity of kids these days develops faster than in the yesteryears and hence grooming of this intellect needs to start early.

Our workshops are designed specially to make children apply their attention and enjoy the activities. We help in sharpening reading and analytical skills. We create an environment for the child to lose his/her inhibition, explore and interact. Reading, storytelling, drawing, fun with food help evaluate the creative side of children.

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