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Human mind is the most complex of all creation

Human mind is the most complex of all creation. Not only is its design complex, but so is its functioning. We have the ability to remember, in detail, things that have happened decades ago and are able to estimate life into the future. In doing this, we are sometimes lost with regards to the present. The clutter of so many thoughts clog the space for positivity or logical thinking.

Here are 3 ways to clear your thoughts :

1) Be busy : Work always has the ability to get your mind running productively. Haven't you heard the saying, 'empty vessels make the most noise.' Fill your vessel with work that will yield you money, knowledge and opportunities. When you begin to go out and meet with the world, you will open your mind up to more than it already knows, thus keeping it occupied in the right direction.

2) Talk to someone : Make sure this is someone you are comfortable with. He/she must be balanced and able to guide your thoughts positively. When you begin to feel saturated by your own emotions, share it with one person who will help you clear the clutter. Avoid too many of such confidantes, it has its own risks. Counsellors are always at your service to help you.

3) Food and fitness : You may think this is a silly point, but trust me what you eat and how you take care of your body will determine how your body will treat you. Your mind is a part of that same body. Like a car that needs to be serviced and filed well with the right fuel to keep it running smoothly, it is important to make sure you too are fuelling your body with the right food that will enhance your health and ability to handle pressure. Exercising and keeping fit is a great stress buster when done correctly. This regime helps to attain good sleep too.

Clarity of thoughts is about doing the basics right. When you begin to focus on yourself and build yourself up, you will have very less time to keep visiting negativity, fears and anxieties. You will begin to do what you can and let go of what you cannot control, thus automatically living more in your present than anywhere else.

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