How To Clear An Interview

How to clear an interview

One of the most appreciated modules, ‘How to Clear an Interview?’ has been conducted in most educational institutions for the final year students. The Human Resource teams of various companies have different strategies to evaluate a set of eligible candidates for a given position. They are generally looking for right behavioural skills, leadership techniques and good team players. The trend is no more to pick those who are only intellectually savvy, but to observe those who think outside the box and whose behaviour and attitude is most suited to represent the company.

You may know every answer and may try to impress the interviewer with your intelligence, but he may just not like your posture and you may not make it. It is as silly as that. Hence it is important to have an overall perspective of what interviews are all about. The anxiety of interviews is a very commonly seen fear. When asked what is it you fear, the reply most often is…The questions. Today corporates have become very innovative in the way they conduct campus recruitments. In a time and age where, every company is looking for a game changer, they are not really looking for how much knowledge you have, because they will either ways put you through an aggressive learning and unlearning process when you join them. However, they are looking for commitment, confidence and tact.

Through our talks and workshops we have been able to bring the minds of most final year students to understand that an interview is only an evaluation. We train them on how you can be nervous, yet avoid the body language that shows nervousness and even in anxiety you can still look completely relaxed and confident. We teach them to confront the mind talk and calm it down to an extent that there is immense presence of it when needed. How to address each question thus creating a new experience for themselves as well as for the HR executive who is taking the interview. We teach them to connect to the person, rather get flustered about questions asked. We believe, companies these days need people who connect to the vision of the organisation they join, instead of getting stuck into corporate politics and people. Creating a go getters attitude is the intent and we have seen great success through all our sessions conducted so far.

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