Dream And Visualizations

Dream and Visualization

The connotation of Dreams in a practical world is believed to be cliché. A dream is perceived to be fiction. People these days connect to words like goals, to do list, targets, etc. Talking about Dreams is impractical and a waste of time. However, every individual definitely has a wish that he/she would want should come true. Something that may seem far off today. Close to impossible for the time being or something that would take just a lot of efforts. We like to call such wishes Dreams. A Dream without action points, is only a wishful thought or a fantasy. However, a Dream which has action points, can easily be converted into a Vision. The process by which a Dream that is very far into the future, can be felt or even seen to feel almost real, is called Visualisation.

A man without a Dream is basically dead. He is only dragging himself through each day to get over with it. However, wanting to get over with each day peacefully in today’s time and age is also pretty much a Dream. Dreams are vibrant needs and want that come alive when you see a movie or read a book or even listen to someone’s live experience. They have a lot of reference to the past of an individual and reflect an ambitious nature. The bigger the Dream, the more drama you will see around it. When a man wants to be a singer, you will see him add a song to everything he does. That just becomes his nature. Having a Dream cannot be forced. Converting this Dream into an ambition and then into small goals is a matter of an attitude or how badly someone wants to do something.

At the training workshops of SaSha Training Solutions, we make these Dreams come alive. Our Visualisation sessions have received unbelievable feedbacks. We help you see exactly what they have kept in your minds for so long. We bring together all your experience of the past and all the aspirations of the future and take you through a life-changing process of Visualisation, where you cannot just see your years into the future, but your entire future comes alive. You become clearer of what you want to do, how you want to do it and why you really want to do what you want to do, which according to us is the crucks of anything you do.

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