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Decision Making And Problem Solving

Decisions we take with respect to any circle of our being are the makers and breakers of what we will do next. If we do not decide to wake up on time, you will end up becoming late. If you do not decide to sleep on time, you will end up unhealthy. Apart from these small decisions, deciding which stream to choose in college, which classes to go to, which job to take, which girl/boy to marry, how many children to have and how to invest the finances, become certain decisions that impact our entire life. The human mind is already very capable of taking decisions. You already know most often than not, what must be done. The reflexes of the body already know what is safe and not. We actually don’t really fear the decision but the result.

A wrong turn can completely change your destiny to what you would never want and a right decision can change the destiny to a number of possibilities. You may have heard the saying, ‘follow your heart.’ While it is good to follow the gut or one’s heart, however, when the mind is not in sync as well, you will stop and look back and regret something that could have been better. Hence, at SaSha we redefine the statement and say, ‘if your heart and mind are in sync, there is no need to rethink.’

At our workshops and training, we break down Decision Making to micro steps for you to identify how a complex situation can by sorted and a more practical and result oriented plan of action can be arrived on. Learning who will be the recipient of the decision, helps us to know the intensity of its execution. We teach innovative ways of research that can help keep the decisions updated. We also, help connect one’s emotions to one’s decisions. In a professional environment, It is important to also analyze the impact of the decisions and make sure it is changing status scores and making a reasonable change in turnovers and productivities. At SaSha we, guide you to take decisions and make note of the plan of actions, their effectiveness and ease of implementation thus converting Decisions Making a long-term result oriented process.

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