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SaSha Training Solutions is a Company started out with a clear vision in mind.Soft skill is a concept that has been around for years now and many people have defined it in many ways. SaSha wants to change and redefine the way trainings have been done. We believe that if a person has sharpened these basic skills well, he/she will not only be successful but will also be instrumental in creating more successful people. With a goal to create enough of potential in this country itself, we started with this company that is poised to making trainings an experience you would want to put into practice in your daily routine, to see a change in and around yourself Creating students who become a boon to the company they join, employees an asset and individuals who live a fuller life. Our trainings explore each topic from a psychological perspective and with a very practical methodology of 60% activities and 40% discussions, we seek total involvement and interactions. We facilitate the shedding of inhibitions, so people begin to explore life with minimum fear. We have with us experienced trainers and phycologist who work on every module minutely and in detail, such that these skills are not just sharpened, but help in creating a butterfly effect. Our independent workshops and one on one training sessions are new levels invented to bring about a holistic change in every individual we work with. Through these channels, we look to building a new world.

We work at 3 different levels :
Students - Gearing up for new levels of life as they change standards, students become the best link for any change that needs to be brought about in thought processes and ambitions. With innocent minds, ready to explore, we work to feeding them with positivity and seriousness towards ambitions and goals, eliminating any confusion that they may be going through. Our career counselling experts, help students with identifying their potential and interests so they choose correctly. Our Aptitude segment helps students understand their intellect and which industry will suit them best. Techniques are thought so they gain improvement in areas they want to excel in. It is said,if you want to see a change in a country, change something in its educational system. While the system takes care of the technical skills, SaSha Training Solutions, seeks to bringing about a revolutionary change in how children perceive life, so they live it with more meaning and productivity, not only scoring high academic scores and making their parents and the nation proud. Parents who seek advice are guided through any kind of disconnect they may see with their children thus bridging the gap between the two generations and creating parity in thought processes. We have fortunately been supported by some of the educational institutes who have experienced our work and are happy to endorse us. With support from them and our team of trainers, SaSha Training Solutions will make sure it gives only its best to all students around the country.

Corporate Trainings - Companies these days are in a cost-cutting mode. With less money in hand and high marketing targets to achieve, they don't wish to spend too much on grooming their people on interpersonal skills. The focus lies then only of keeping their people aligned to their vision without really aligning this vision to each employees personal goals. An individual is only motivated by his own needs and not so much the vision of any company. Money may be a driver, but can only get that much productivity in return. SaSha Training Solutions, looks to build a connection between each individuals personal goals and the vision of the company. If an individual is driven by his own need, the company and its vision become a vehicle to him to achieve his own list of aspirations. He is then able to look at the Company he works with, with more gratitude and respect than an obligation. When people work with a heart, they work with more efforts and focus. On another level, helping companies bring about a practical and cost effective change in HR policies and employee retention plans, we enable them to create employees who become walking, talking brand ambassadors, with very little spent. In a phase where industries at all levels are facing a crunch in terms of finances and costing, building on a high potential and enthusiastic team can prove to become a boon to Companies all over.

One on One Trainings and Workshops - Our experts interact with individuals on a daily basis, mentoring and coaching them with small to big issues. From relationship management to grooming, SaSha Training Solutions is here to help each person build on technical skills as well as raise the emotional quotient to a level that failures are converted into opportunities. Depression can do very little when you have someone you can speak to and get clarity on thoughts on a daily basis. We are available at all times to help you fight any battle or conflict your mind may be bringing up, so you can face the next day with a renewed energy and enthusiasm. Bringing you closer to yourself each day is the goal at all our independent and open workshops across the country. We encourage and guide young entrepreneurs with skills that are needed to create new ideas and marketing them in the best way possible. Our Digital Marketing team is equipped to help businesses, with building a credible image on social media and other platforms.

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  • Hi Shalini, We at HubDigiTech Pvt Limited has wide range of professionals in our Website Development Company In Delhi and SEO Company in Delhi And we are very much delighted by the way you have trained our Staff for Motivation & Initiative taking, Many Thanks

  • Thanks for all you did for our girls. They seem to have enjoyed the sessions and I am sure they will benefit from it.

    St Flavia from St Catherine's Home
  • sure your leadership skill training would help these boys take ownership.

    Principal of St Anthony's Boy's School
  • Hi Shalini !!!, It was a great pleasure, & great Evening !!
    You have really made me tension free, by giving good & practical tips to my daughter Moksha for her attitude & behavior guidance.
    I am sure it will help her lot in her future career.
    Many Thanks

    Prashant Mistry
  • I feel really confident and motivated as a girl. I want to be a part of more such workshops, please do invite me

  • I had an amazing experience..Got to learn how to look at life with a positive perspective..Felt very motivated after the sessions!

    Dolly Samson
  • A session one must definitely go for. It helped me to understand my problems from different perspective and resolve them practically. It helped me grow as a person. Thank you ma'am for being with us even after the session are done.

    Ashwini M.
  • The experience with Sasha training solutions was amazing since it was the only reason to change my attitude, personality and overall behavior. I feel happy that I took a right call of attending the workshop.

    Aarati Jagdale
  • All of the sessions I attended was so amazing that I couldn't get better than this.Each session had a positive energy and a zeal to learn more and it brought in me the confidence, believe, love and more over the power to forgive someone even when you are at disregard.I really believe learning never stops as I had a great experience at the workshop.
    Sometimes it's alright to not know everything because that's when you will learn and get to know everything.

    Dipali RAJE
  • It was a mesmerising experience attending your seminar, especially the last session. And yes interacting with you always enhanced my perspective in many ways .Thank You!

    Sanjyot Patil
  • I had a great experience as well as a positive change in myself by attending Shalini's seminars. Thank you for making me more proactive.

    Venus Varghese
  • Shalini, gave us a good idea about self confidence and postive attitude which was very helpful to me. I thank her so much for always supporting us

    Mari Muthu